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It all started with my fascination with lace and vintage. When I first read about vintage wedding dress on a magazine, I was enchanted by the elegant and classic beauty, dreaming that one day I would walk down the aisle in one of them. That’s since when I start my vintage wedding dress collection. When my collection kept growing, an idea of a business came up to my mind. Reluctant to see my beauties go, my dresses were for rent only. 
In 2015 my sweet guy (now my husband) proposed and we got married in romantic November. I prepared a gorgeous Priscilla of Boston long sleeves wedding dress for myself, which I still am still keeping in my closet. As to complete a perfect bridal style, I was thinking about hair style. I could not put fresh flowers in my hair like most brides in Hong Kong do, due to the funny fact I was worried that worms and insects are hiding in fresh flowers ( I once saw a worm coming out for a walk from a bunch of flowers I bought for decorating the dining table at home). Then I started looking for handmade hair adornments, but then I decided to try to make one, and finally I made a lot of a several pieces for my own wedding. 

The next year I added in handmade bridal hair accessories into my wedding dress business, and named it Emily Hart Wedding, later added in silk flower bridal bouquets as well. 

As life gets busier and busier with 2 boys joining into our family, I have to reconstruct my business, slow down and rethink, giving up my workshop and focus on online business for brides from all over the world, I renamed my business Harty Vintage Bridal and Chic. Some of my vintage accessories collections are also available in my ETSY  store. 
I am absolutely in love with what I am doing now! From material sourcing, design, production, packaging, marketing, and quality control, I do it all by myself and I am enjoying it! As I always fine tune my design in my head when I am making my headpieces, there is no design sketches, therefore all my headpieces are one and unique, I am also constantly seeking for best quality materials like crystals, fresh water pearls, as I believe better materials would make better quality. 

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