About me:

Hello, I’m Emily Hart the owner of Harty Vintage bridal & chic. I’m a wifey/ mummy/ romantic dreamer/ vintage lover. I love beautiful stuff (well, who doesn’t?) and passionate in handmade stuff which are specially made with love and weddings!

My late dear Mum was a fashion designer before she sacrificed her career to look after me. She had a creative mind and always sat down and made stuff with us. We used to make jewellery with beads together. Shopping for handcraft materials was an exciting thing to do whenever we had time. One afternoon we were watching a TV programme about vintage wedding dresses and my Mum said, “I’m sure this is your kind of thing too.” She was right! I started collecting vintage wedding dresses and other vintage items since then. That was the time when I setup my ETSY shop (which I’m still running), selling part of my vintage collection.

In 2015 when I had my first baby with my husband I decided to quit my full time job and focus on my business. I had a bridal shop located in Central, Hong Kong, providing vintage wedding dress rental service and selling artificial flower arrangement as well as handmade bridal headpieces. It was always lovely to see my lovely brides being so happy on their wedding day in my dresses and my headpieces. Not that I didn’t like my old full time job, I really loved it ( I was a nurse!), but I feel like wedding is more like what I always love since I was a little girl.

2019 marked serious turbulence, not just for me, but for everyone in Hong Kong. The next year onwards we saw things getting worse, feeling uncomfortable to raise our children in my home city, me and my dear husband, who was from England decided to move back to the UK.

So here I’m now, based in Kent, busy being a Mum and a business owner. I do everything myself from materials sourcing, design, production, packaging, shipping, accounting, customer service, building my own website and social media, etc etc. Starting from scratch I am learning new things everyday and still improving, but I am enjoying it. XX

About Harty Vintage bridal & Chic:

Established in Hong Kong, HVBC is now a United Kingdom based small business, focused on handmade bridal accessories and timeless modern freshwater pearl jewellery suitable for all occasions.

As every bride deserves to have something special, our bridal accessories are produced only in a limited quantity. Every single piece is made with love, passion and high quality materials such as genuine freshwater pearls which are carefully chosen for its lustre, shape and size.

HVBC is committed to product quality. Tarnish free wires produced in EU are used in our headpieces and other hair accessories. All freshwater pearl jewellery items are made with 925 silver, either 18k gold plated or rhodium plated for its gold or silver colour.